Gengrowth has adopted a unique approach to developing energy projects. We work closely with property owners and offer benefits as well as a level of owner control uncommon in the energy industry. Our team members have been involved in the development of thousands of megawatts of renewable energy projects.  In Canada, Gengrowth was a pioneer in the development of renewable energy projects, developing many of the initial large scale wind and solar projects in the country and our more recent developments include some of the largest solar projects in the Canada.  Some of the projects that Gengrowth has developed include:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Risk Insurance
  • Arnprior Solar Farm (20MW)
  • Elmsely Solar Projects  (20MW)
  • St. Isadore Solar Projects (20MW)

Thames River Wind Farm Development

St. Isadore Solar Farm Development

  • Kingston Solar Project (100 MW) - the largest ground mount solar project in Canada
  • Southgate Solar Project (50 MW)
  • Bisnett Wind Farm
  • Front Line Wind Farm
  • Gracey Wind Farm
  • Marsh Line Wind Farm
  • Naylor Wind Farm 
  • North Malden Wind Farm 
  • Richardson Wind Farm 
  • South Side Wind Farm 
  • South Kent Wind Farm 
  • Swanton Wind Farm

Wind Projects

Solar Projects

Landowner Opportunities