Gengrowth is a Canadian energy company dedicated to the creation of renewable energy projects.

Green field

As the demand for electricity continues to grow and Governments fulfill their commitment to cleaning up the environment, the need for renewable sources of electricity is paramount.

Currently, Gengrowth is focused on developing, constructing and operating small, medium and large scale wind and solar projects. Gengrowth works closely with property owners and local residents to develop low impact projects that benefit the property owners, the local communities and the local and general environment.

Gengrowth’s wind and solar developments are located all across Southern Ontario. The company is also interested in creating joint venture relationships to develop new opportunities.

Gengrowth is made up of a passionate group of professionals with demonstrated experience in all aspects of power development including land use planning, siting, financing and construction. We are eager to partner with property owners, developers and communities to leverage our expertise into successful energy projects providing benefits to all.